The Anatomy of a Health Crisis

Eating high quality food….check. Getting good sleep…check. Meditation to reduce stress…..check. Using clean products on my body and to clean my house…check. So what happens when a health crisis seems to “come out of the blue”? Acute liver failure got my serious attention beginning June 14, 2016. In these next few blogs, I hope to retrace this journey that included help from the medical world as well as more natural approaches with the help of five different practitioners. I am grateful that I had the knowledge and resources to follow both paths. I am not making any recommendations about how someone should deal with serious pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, classic liver/gallbladder symptoms, but knowing the amount of options available is priceless.

Hindsight always is a clearer view and looking back over the last four years offered strong clues. Coming from the intention of gut repair from 30 years of not so great choices, I used supplements to help me increase the quality of digestion. This is important for everyone because even if you are eating the best food in the world, if you are not absorbing it, it is not much help. It is common to have sluggish livers and gallbladders in our world of poor food quality and low fat diets. I was using a food based, high quality liver support and it worked great! So great that when I would try to stop taking it, my symptoms of sluggish digestion would return. I intuitively knew this was an issue but it is too easy to just keep taking a supplement. I started discussing it with my peers and decided to do some follow up testing in February of this year. As they say, this led me down the rabbit hole…..

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