“Funny that you should mention it – very thankful. YOU came to me as the number one thing that I am grateful for this year! WOW. I am sleeping again and waking in the morning feeling peaceful and strong and ready to face the day. My mind is clearer and my focus is better. I can do my work in the world much more easily and more effectively. I’m not upset or anxious all the time, distracted and insane. You, Lois, are such an incredible gift.”

“Actually, I’ve been thinking of escaping with Herman to another place, but the #1 reason that I feel that we need to be here is so that I can be with you every week for the SS workout!”

Deb Hall, Ph.D.
Colorado Springs, CO


“Working with Lois was far more helpful than I had imagined!  I have lots of injuries that need to be worked around.  She’s like an enthusiastic detective on an interesting case, figuring out exercises for even the most challenging parts of my body!  Her knowledge is most impressive… she even dealt with emotional components of my posture and movements. After a long time of not being able to exercise, Lois got me going on a full routine, which is lots of fun and pain-free. Now my husband wants to sign up with her too”.

Bonnie Willow


“I’m 46 years old and have had back trouble since I was a teenager and took a bad fall with a horse. I’ve continued my love affair with horses all these years, even though I don’t ride much anymore. The day to day care, hours spent with pitchfork and wheelbarrow, moving bales of hay and sacks of feed, not to mention maintaining the property it takes to keep my babies happy and healthy, have all contributed to my chronic pain, which was getting worse in my neck and shoulder. Chiropractic had been keeping me going, but I needed something more. The chiropractor had given me printouts with exercises to do, and I subscribed to fitness magazines, it all seemed too complicated, and required impossible positions and balance and I’d quit before I’d see any improvement.

Enter Lois Pratt, she listened to my complaints and my description of my daily routine. She came up with a program of stretches and exercises tailored to my specific needs. She showed me how to do them, how to progress so I didn’t hurt myself. Lois made me aware of my posture, of how I was using my body, and pointed out several things I had been doing that were aggravating my condition. The moves were surprisingly simple and didn’t require any balancing acts! It also doesn’t require a lot of time. The results? Unbelievable!! My shoulder and neck had hurt constantly for the last year and a half, within three days I realized I was wielding my pitchfork with very little pain, and I could turn my head again! If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I never would have believed that something so simple could make such a HUGE difference. When I come up with a new ache, Lois comes up with a new stretch to add to my routine that works it out, it’s absolutely amazing. My hope is that as I get stronger and healthier, I’ll get back to riding those horses I’ve been caring for all this time. Thanks Lois!

Lois’s positive attitude and sympathetic ear have kept me motivated. She knows her stuff and is truly dedicated to health and well being. She is real and genuine, and just basically fun to be around”!

Fran Riehle


“I think Lois is an amazing trainer! I look and feel better at 39 than I did at 29! She has taught me so much about how the body works, and continues to keep me challenged and motivated. I would highly recommend her to anyone serious about getting fit.”

Michele Stahl