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Healthy Determination Conversation #4

Last Tuesday was the fourth conversation and the topic this month was “The Top Seven Food Sensitivities and what to do about them”. By taking the 21 day challenge of eliminating all seven, you can discover what may be the final stumbling block preventing you from feeling the best you can be. I also introduced a 31 day Detoxification Program that I will begin with interested clients on January 8, 2013. What a great way to start off the year! The program includes a specifically designed program featuring Biotics Research Corporation that supports the body while eliminating symptoms of toxic buildup such as headaches, joint pain, fatigue, immune weakness, constipation, skin conditions, hormonal problems and blood sugar regulation. Contact me for more information.  Deadline to sign up for the January session is December 26, 2012


I start people on a Two Week Sugar Handling Protocol to start the healing process that most people need after a lifetime of sugar, processed foods and food in-tolerances. When these irritants are removed from the body, the body quickly initiates a detoxification reaction that can manifest itself in many ways.

Most people do not understand the healing reaction because of their experience with conventional medicine.  Where the focus of conventional medicine is on eliminating discomfort and curing disease, holistic medicine seeks to address the underlying cause of pain and illness.  It aims to balance the body’s energy flow so that the body can restore itself to a healthy state.

The aching body, headaches, nausea and fatigue often felt during a healing crisis are primarily the effects of detoxification. Continue reading