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Many Thanks

It is not only one day that I am grateful to all of you but I will take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the role you each play in my life. It often appears that I am the teacher but you have all taught ME so much and for that, I truly celebrate Thanksgiving. I love the effort put forth to bring real health into your lives and for that “Healthy Determination” you all have showed me.

In light of that, I do have some reminders for this day of food! It is not worth it to overeat “because it is a holiday”. Our body’s never appreciate that as it is so hard on all of our systems. Try not to start off your day with alcohol because no rational eating behavior follows. Turkey is such an awesome food source and to accompany it with so many wonderful vegetables usually served, there is really no reason to eat mashed potatoes and stuffing. It’s called “stuffing” for a reason. Wear clothes that will make you notice that you are overeating, no flowy dresses or pants without a waistline! 🙂 With so many dessert served, try to stick to a 3 bite rule that allows you to taste each one but not overdue it. There is nothing like feeling great after a day celebrated sometimes too hard. On this Thanksgiving, appreciate your wonderful body and treat it well!
Much love,