Healthy Determination Conversation #5

I am grateful to have toasted the New Year with some of my favorite ladies (and definitely my favorite guy!) with Green Drinks for the 5th HDC. We continued the discussion about the top seven food sensitivities, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, corn, sugar and peanuts. Some of us will follow this for 21 days and methodically replace to see if our bodies react. Some of these “foods” should never be replaced like corn, soy and gluten since they have been so manipulated by the industrial food complex, that they are never good for our bodies. Sugar, in all forms, also has to be looked at in severe moderation even in the form of fruit. Some of us will not only eliminate these foods but take on a 30 day detoxification program. So many people associated “detoxification” with “deprivation”. This should not be the case. With this 30 day program, the first week is spent cleaning up the diet of chemical and processed food and making sure the detoxification pathways are open and functioning. The next 10 days is supported with a specifically designed supplemental program by Biotics Research emphasizing heavy metal removal and liver support. The last two weeks and ongoing support is rebuilding and rejuvenating the body. All of this is done with REAL, organic, high quality food that continues a pattern that should be followed for life. This does not only keep the body as clean as we can under the circumstances of a polluted world but helps support a better world by supporting the farmers that grow REAL food and bring it to market in it’s original, healthy form. Let me know if you have an interest in finding out more and joining us!

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