From The Original Menu Seminar

My name is Lois Pratt.  I have been a Personal Trainer for 26 years and am certified as a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner.   In Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and over the phone, I help people in all phases of life but often people come to me or contact me because they have some kind of pain in their bodies.  We have been led to believe that pain is normal especially in our later years.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Pain is our bodies’ way of getting our attention.  How is this linked to the Original menu and what is the Original menu? Is the Original Menu some new fad diet?? If it is, then it is a 2.6 million year old fad diet! Bryan and I are here today to talk to you about food, nutrition and the politics of food controlling what we put in our bodies everyday.  As a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist, I teach people about nutrition but this isn’t about pyramids and food plates but the information that your individual body gives about what it needs.

Even working in the health field for all these years, I was not the picture of perfect eating. I was addicted, like most people to “the buzz”. Whether a coffee buzz, alcohol buzz, sugar buzz or even a marijuana buzz, our society accepts this as normal to look for a substance that brings us up when we are down.
I was led to this quest to speak to people because of the health issues facing me after believing I was following a healthy lifestyle, even with the periodic buzz.  After all, I was the teacher but in my ongoing research, I discovered how misled we are in our present day, industrial food production.
Who here thinks headaches, trouble sleeping, constipation, diarrhea, joint and muscle pain, dry skin and hair are normal?  What about diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and arthritis being normal to the aging process?  What about the industry that supports all these symptoms? What if there is a way to identify the weaknesses in your body and support the systems that are suffering without expensive medical tests and pharmaceuticals? We are here to help you understand that by going back to nutrition that our ancestors followed for millions of years and getting industrial edibles out of our lives, we can restore health and vitality. Michael Pollon wrote in his book “The Omnivores Dilemma” that just because we can ingest so many types of food, should we??  We are led to believe that we have variety in our food choices by the fact that 47,000 supposedly different products sit on the grocery store shelves.  The truth is, besides the fact that manufactured food is full of artificial, man-made ingredients; these products all come from corn, wheat and soy.  We are continuously feeding our bodies’ ingredients it cannot digest or appear as foreign to our immune systems.  How did we get to this point and what do we need to do to restore our health?  Let’s look at some history to help us understand where we are on this path.

We became agriculturist 12,000 years ago and for good reason.  To feed ourselves and our families through tough winters was important.  We figured out how to refine sugar 400 years ago and what a treat to our taste buds.  Industrialized food only came to us in the last 100 years. Most important is what has happened in the just the past few decades. The unilateral chemicalizing of America’s farmlands and lawns, the indiscriminate use of DDT, Roundup and a host of other deadly chemicals.  Chemical fertilizers. Feeding dead cows to cows.  Subtherapeutic and indiscriminate antibiotic feeding to livestock.  Fumigated vegetable fields. Gassing citrus. Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’s). Mandatory irradiation.  Transgenic modification (GMOs).  High fructose corn syrup.  This list comes from government food policy and the people we trust for food safety.  Our food supply has become deadly with all this oversight supposedly put in place to protect us.  Do we really need this much protection?  Have we lost sight so drastically that we do not even know what to eat anymore?  Our we the only species that doesn’t know what to eat???  On top of this, regulations prevent small, local operators, farmers who can give us the highest quality food without transporting it 1500 miles, from being able to meet these outrageous, deadly guidelines, preventing us from having the choice to ingest it.

So is the Original Menu a need for Evolution or Revolution?

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