Chocolate…?? Yum

We associate so much pleasure to chocolate that just the word spoken brings heavenly smiles to people’s faces. When trying to help my clients with the “sugar monster”, I look for ways to replace some of our deep loves of certain foods. My client, Diane, has modified one of her favorite recipes without the sugar using prunes to sweeten this treat. Be sure to use only raw, organic, cocoa and high quality coconut oil. Enjoy!

one bag of prunes
1 cup of nuts
put in food processor until well blended

in pan mix
8 T coconut oil
6 T cocoa

after oil and cocoa are blended, mix in prune mixture. Stir till well blended.

Put mixture in a bowl in freezer for about 30 minutes.

Put some cocoa in a small bowl
Remove bon-bon mixture from freezer
Scoop with a teaspoon. Using hands make a round smooth ball.
Roll bon-bons in cocoa. Place on plate.

When finished, place in frig.

They look like professional. Great for taking to a party.

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