Chocolate…?? Yum

We associate so much pleasure to chocolate that just the word spoken brings heavenly smiles to people’s faces. When trying to help my clients with the “sugar monster”, I look for ways to replace some of our deep loves of certain foods. My client, Diane, has modified one of her

Medical Intervention

As I work with clients healing with real, unprocessed foods and watch in awe of how the innate intelligence of the body knows just what to do when given the right materials, I now see the next important role of the medical world. The need to now monitor the removal

Menu Resources

Two excellent cookbooks I would recommend are “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and “The Naked Cookbook” by Margaret Floyd. Nourishing Traditions is a bit more in depth but full of information of how traditional preparation of foods helped them be more nutritionally available for our bodies. The Naked Cookbook is


  Poop tells us SOOO much about what is going on in our digestive tract. Use The Bristol Stool Chart to see what your poop is telling you about your digestion! I help to ‘center you’ on this chart.       The seven types of stool are: Type 1:

Our Inner Friends

There are 100 trillion cells in your body, but only one in 10 is human. The rest are bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms, i.e. your microflora. Your microflora influence your genetic expression, your immune system, your weight and your risk of numerous chronic and acute diseases, from diabetes to