The Anatomy of a Health Crisis

Eating high quality food….check. Getting good sleep…check. Meditation to reduce stress…..check. Using clean products on my body and to clean my house…check. So what happens when a health crisis seems to “come out of the blue”? Acute liver failure got my serious attention beginning June 14, 2016. In these next

Green Drink Recipe

Have veggies washed and ready ahead of time for the week and enjoy for a quick breakfast. You can do this in a regular blender. Handful of greens of choice: Kale, lettuce, spinach, Swiss Chard 1/2 cucumber 1/2 apple 1 celery stick 2 TBS. Flax seed (freshly ground) or chia


“Funny that you should mention it – thankfulness. YOU came to me as the number one thing that I am grateful for this year! WOW. I am sleeping again and waking in the morning feeling peaceful and strong and ready to face the day. My mind is clearer and my