Anatomy of a Health Crisis, more

It is NEVER one thing. Health or disease is never created by ONE thing. Besides being on a protocol for parasites, working, volunteering and participating as a Group Leader for a nine month Nutritional Therapy Association class, my mother was planning a visit from Florida to Colorado. I was thrilled she was still willing to make this trip at 85 years and limited mobility. What a trooper! I finished with the graduating class the weekend of June 10 and my mom was set to arrive on the 14th. I made arrangements to have a electric wheelchair so we could get out and do some activities easily but I think subconsciously, I was still concerned about the transition from sea level to 9500 feet elevation with spiral staircase separating mom’s sleeping quarters from the main living area. But I felt I had everything in place to have a great visit. My son and I picked up my mom at the airport and headed to a restaurant for lunch. We met a couple of my friends there that I wanted her to meet. It turned out to be a delightful visit and from there, mom and I headed to my home in the mountains. After arriving and getting her settled in, I began to have waves of nausea. At first, I blamed it on what I had eaten at the restaurant. By the third day, though, I knew it wasn’t this especially since most of us all ordered the same meal at the lunch. I downplayed my discomfort because I did not want to spoil this amazing time with my mom. She, of course, knew something wasn’t right. Waves of nausea gave way to pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen (classic liver/gallbladder symptoms) to complete loss of appetite. Luckily, mom took naps so it wasn’t so obvious how much discomfort I was in and I would nap, too. We managed to have a wonderful visit and mom returned to Florida the following Wednesday. The next day, my husband left for a very overdue trip to see his brother in Massachusetts. He was gone for 12 days. This gave me the opportunity to fall into bed and I did, for the majority of time he was away. I was no longer nausea’s but still had waves of pain and could not eat anything. This is when I began strategizing about how I wanted to handle this situation.

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