Anatomy of A Health Crisis, continue

When someone has a reputation of living a healthy lifestyle, it is almost unacceptable that anything should go wrong. For myself, as the challenges built, people would say “I wouldn’t have thought this would happen to you”! My response is that if I wasn’t taking care of myself or have the awareness of what works for my body, I may not have come through this very rough summer with all my body parts intact. More on that later. I wanted to emphasize the things I do habitually to help support my health. These all became even more important when I was in the middle of being very sick.

Exercise is of course, important but the wrong kind can be very catabolic (breaking down) for the adrenals especially in combination with other stressors in life. My long term (20 years) distant running gave way to Super Slow and yoga as I realized the damage I was doing to my metabolism. I incorporated massage and chiropractic care as a means of preventative maintenance. Meditation also became very important with my high strung traits. I had to learn to balance rest with the inhuman drive with projects in my life. Not knowing when to rest is not an admirable trait even though our society glorifies people who go, go, go. Other beneficial habits that came over the years where rebounding for the immune system, Earthing, dry brushing, spending time in nature. high quality sleep, shutting off all electronics, screens of any kind at least two hours before bed. All these efforts help support health. We are dealing with enough toxins and stress just by living on this earth, that conscious planning to counteract these effects have to be incorporated.

So even though my lifestyle is probably on the upper end of very conscious living, stuff still goes wrong. So the key is resilience. So maybe health should be measured by resilience.

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