Anatomy of a Health Crisis, cont.

Most people believe that parasites are only an issue if you go to a third world country or drink contaminated water. Parasites are so common that most people are walking around with some level of infection. There are many different kinds and some species are predictable to certain situations but with our lower quality food supply, imbalances in our bodies compromising our digestive and immune systems, parasites are more challenging to more people. Like myself, lots of people do not experience symptoms they would associate with this kind of infection but it can present itself in other ways like sensitivity to foods, skin irritations or low energy. When it arose for me, I began a well designed protocol from Biotics Research Corporation. I have been using their products for myself and my clients for 4 years because I am impressed by their manufacturing of the products and the purity with no dairy, wheat, soy or gluten which is important with so many people sensitive to these ingredients. The protocol runs for 8 weeks before a retest. In the meantime, I began to see a practitioner for myself because sometimes we are too close to the situation to help ourselves. I was ready for another perspective. After finishing the protocol, I let this practitioner know that I was still experiencing tiny white spots on the stool. She encouraged me to continue a protocol with another well know manufacturers supplements “Designs for Health”. The last words she said to me at the end of this phone consultation was “how’s your liver?”. My response was “GREAT” and I believed that since I had been carefully supporting my digestion for many years. Those words came back to haunt me on June 27, 2016.

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