Anatomy of a Health Crisis, cont.

hairmineralAs part of my research into why I would be susceptible to parasites and needing constant liver support, I started some testing that is not done in the MD world. One of those tests is a Hair Mineral Analysis test ($75.00). When done correctly, it can give you an idea of minerals out of balance and heavy metals in the body. I had this done in April. I suspected that copper would be an issue because I could never pass the Zinc Challenge test. This is an easy test where you taste a liquid zinc to see if it leaves an awful taste in your mouth. When we can taste zinc, it is an indicator that you have enough zinc in your body. This mineral is vitally important for digestion among other things. No matter how much I supplemented, I could never taste zinc over the past four years. I knew this was an indicator of what I was looking for. Zinc and copper should be balanced in the body but one can drive the other too low. It was no surprise, then to see my copper level off the chart in this test explaining why I wasn’t able to taste it and more importantly, a missing nutrient in my digestive tract. Now the question was why this imbalance? Copper pipes, cookware, environment sources were not evident in my situation. My research showed that it can be passed on to each generation with toxic load increasing based on the mother’s exposure. I knew my parents and grandparents lived in Pittsburgh, the steel capital of the world in their youth. I remember stories about the factories causing the windows of their homes to be so covered in soot that they could not see out of them. This actually was a possibility but what about my seven siblings? I stored this information away as a piece of the puzzle as I continued my search.

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