An Auto Mechanic vs. most Doctors

“Is an auto mechanic more knowledgeable (and truthful) about how to return health to your car than a doctor is regarding how to return health to your body?”

When your car is “running rough”, back firing, hesitating when you step on the gas pedal and stalling at red lights… you bring it to your auto mechanic.  If, after his diagnosis, he finds everything okay except the quality of the gas from your last fill up, he will tell you this information. He knows the importance of having the proper fuel for the car’s engine.

When you are “running rough”, back firing, hesitating to start in the morning and stalling before or after lunch our worse you’re tired all the time and/or have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic depression, pain in your joints, chronic diarrhea or constipation, headaches, etc., etc., you take your body to the pharmacist or the doctor.

A doctor only receives a few hours of training in med school on nutrition (reference here).  Their practice is based on disease screening, not prevention, with a focus on drug therapies, not nutrition.  So is it any wonder doctors don’t relate your engine’s (your body’s) problems with the fuel you’re putting in your tank?

If you want to follow the disease program keep eating industrial food products and, their partner-in-crime, pharmaceuticals.

If you want to follow a health program find a nutritional therapist and learn what fuel your body was designed to have in its tank.

p.s. Don’t get me wrong.  Doctors know how to treat trauma and they know how to reduce the symptoms and the effects of some diseases.  I’m talking about health of the body here and relating it to the fuel you provide it.

The ability to avoid disease or to return healthy function to the body is to provide it it’s proper fuel.  But be sure to “talk to your doctor first” (gotta get in the disclosure statement in).

Notice the weird message here…?
Gas is the appropriate fuel for our gasoline powered vehicles.  Food Mart food, and the like, is NOT the appropriate food for our bodies.

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