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A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is a bit different than other nutrition consultants. I have many tools in which I use to get a very thorough understanding of where my clients are nutritionally and what systems are in need of support for optimal health. I use a detailed symptom survey, a thorough interview, food journals and, most importantly, I conduct a hands on functional evaluation (FE). The FE is a process in which I check many different reflex points on the body in order to determine specific nutritional deficiencies you may not be aware of. Your body will make it clear what nutrients you are deficient in which will aide you in your path towards optimal health. The Phoenix Rising is a beautiful symbol for recovering health when you feel like you’ve been in the “ashes”!

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Lois also offers Personal Training with 35 years of experience in supporting optimal movement of the human body. Years of repetitive motions can cause the anatomy to become imbalanced causing pain and discomfort in daily living. By bringing the body back into balance, this can be alleviated. Lois restores the joy of movement so you can get back to living your dreams!

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